Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice:

The Federal Defender Office is committed to cultivating a culture of acceptance and connectedness that honors the diverse backgrounds of the people we represent. Our commitment to inclusion is integral to our commitment to a fair justice system. In recruiting members of our team, we welcome the full spectrum of humanity. We embrace the unique contributions our employees can bring to our office because of their backgrounds, social identities, and lived experiences. We know that the best legal representation occurs through a diverse and inclusive workforce.

The Federal Defender Office DEIJ committee meets on a monthly basis.  In addition, three sub-committees, Training, Recruitment & Retention, and Outreach, meet on a monthly basis.  On November 8, 2022, Investigator-Paralegal Ann Marie Hager presented a training on “How to be a Better Ally,” adapted from a training she presented in connection with her background and training in conflict resolution.  On January 10, 2023, Mitigation Specialist Maria Diaz Sommer presented a training on the National Association of Public Defender’s Racial Justice Conference, including a discussion of the film “Who We Are:  a Chronicle of Racism in America.”