Payments are issued electronically via direct deposit, from the U.S. Treasury. There is a four-level approval process for invoice payments and while most payments are received in 7-14 business days from the time of receipt, payments should be expected within 30 calendar days. 


Prior to submitting your invoice, please verify that your invoice conforms with the invoice requirements below. If you prefer, our office has an invoice template available for your use. Once you have determined that your invoice is in compliance please submit your invoice via email to:

Invoice Requirements 
The bill/invoice shall include the following information: 
  • Name of business and Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Invoice date & Invoice number
  • Purchase order or contract number
  • Period(s) covered by invoice
  • For each line item — a general description of product delivered, or services rendered, measured unit, and associated price;
  • A total amount billed;
  • Any applicable payment discount terms;
  • A subtotal of any and all fees or credits applied to the invoice
  • An amount due or credit balance;
  • Name, title, phone number, and complete mailing address of the responsible official to whom payment is to be sent. The “remit to” address shall correspond to the remittance address given when contract was issued;
  • Any substantiating documentation or information as required by the purchase/delivery/task order or contract;
  • All follow-up invoices shall be marked “Duplicate of Original.”
Guide to Judiciary Policy, Vol. 14.


We are an agency of the Federal Government and are tax exempt, please reflect this in your invoices.